Reverse Draw/Year End Awards will be held
at the Hibey in August

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Reverse Draw Winner $1000:
League Champions: The Salt
Playoff Champions: Victoria Athletics
Most Sportsmanlike Team: 
Angel in the Outfield:  Sarah Dunbar (Shotguns)
Hibernation Champion: The Reds

Top Pitcher: Roy Carver (The Salt)
Top Female Batters:  Marilyn Cadwallader (The Salt)
Top Male Batter:  Adam Bjur (Blue Sox)



Reverse Draw Winner $1000: Strathcona Salt’s Steve Lavigne
League Champions: The Reds
Playoff Champions: Victoria Athletics
Most Sportsmanlike Team:
Angel in the Outfield:
Hibernation Champion: Shotguns

Top Pitcher: Craig Parks (The Reds)
Top Female Batters: Kymber Gale (Big O)
Top Male Batter: Four-way tie between Tim Scaber (A’s), Steve Sims (A’s), Adam Bjur (Blue Sox) and Mike Samuel (The Reds)


Reverse Draw Winner $1000: Adam Bjur of the Blue Sox
League Champions: Shark Club
Playoff Champions: Victoria Athletics
Most Sportsmanlike Team: Shotguns
Angel in the Outfield: Kristin Palou
Hibernation Champion: Cheers

Top Pitcher: Craig Parks – Shark Club
Top Female Batter: Marissa Praud – Victoria Athletics
Top Male Batter: Jimmy Gayse – Victoria Athletics


Reverse Draw Winner $1000: Shotguns
League Champions: Victoria Athletics
Playoff Champions:  Victoria Athletics
Most Sportsmanlike Team: Bart’s Pub
Angel in the Outfield: Tanya Grier – Victoria Athletics
Hibernation Champion: Victoria Athletics

Top Pitcher: Damian Metcalfe  and Sean McMicking
Top Female Batters: Tanya Grier
Top Male Batter: Damian Metcalfe and Adam Bjur

Team MVPs
Shark Club: Ricki Byers & Damian Metcalfe
Victoria Athletics: Shayne Eddy and Leah McCormick
Ross Bay Vipers: Sean McMicking and Kristin Palou
Barts: Pat Bruce and Linda Solbakken
Malibu Motors: Kristen Palou & Nick Water
Blue Sox: Scott Davis and Gillian
Strathcona Salt: Dustin Marnell and Marlene Jeffries
Team Shotgun: Dan Crothers and Stephanie Assundra

Reverse Draw Winner $1000: Strathcona Salt’s Darren Boden
League Champions: Shark Club
Playoff Champions: Shark Club
Most Sportsmanlike Team: Malibu Motors
Angel in the Outfield: Paula Currie – Victoria Athletics
Hibernation Champion: Shark Club

Top Pitcher: Damian Metcalfe – Shark Club
Top Female Batters: Tanya Grier (Victoria Athletics) & Ricki Byers (Shark Club)
Top Male Batter: Wayne Moore – Victoria Athletics

Team MVPs
Shark Club: Ricki Byers & Damian Metcalfe
Victoria Athletics: Tanya Grier, Glen Parsons & Wayne Moore
Ross Bay Vipers: Lindsey Hale & Jason Russel
Barts: Shai Lynn Lee & Pat Bruce
Malibu Motors: Kristen Palou & Nick Water
Blue Sox: Laura Cook & Adam Bjur
Strathcona Salt: Kelly Werbowski & Johnny Koelewyn
Team Shotgun: Kris Olson & Geoff Michael

Reverse Draw Winner $1000 – Keg Salt’s Kelly Werbowski
League Champions: Team Worth
Playoff Champions:Team Worth
Most Sportsmanlike Team: Keg Salt
Angel in the Outfield: Marisa Flora – Keg Salt
Hibernation Champion: N/A (tournament cancelled)

Top Pitcher: Damian Metcalfe – Shark Club
Top Female Batter:Tanya Grier – Victoria Athletics
Top Male Batter: Tim Davis – Blue Sox

Team MVPs
Team Worth: Renee Grant & Damian Metcalfe
Victoria Athletics: Tanya Grier & Pat Mangold
Keg Salt: Kelly Werbowski & Brian Sluggett
Ross Bay Vipers: Lindsey Hale & Roy Carver
Malibu Motors: Laura Jackson & Dylan McMicking
Team Shotgun: Morgane Roux & Dan Crothers
Blue Sox: Laura Cook & Tim Davis
?????: Michelle Malof & Jim Konkin

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